IN 1994 WHEN SOUTH AFRICANS were finally seeing the light of freedom and independence, three well-respected businesswomen - Talullah Ntuli, Edna Whithead and Nkosazana Khumalo - formed the Black Widow Society, a secret organisation aimed at liberating women trapped in emotionally and physically abusive relationships by assisting in 'eliminating' their errant husbands.

For fifteen years the Black Widow Society operated undetected, impeccably run by The Triumvirate with the help of their suave and mysterious hired gun, Mzwakhe Khuzwayo, a slick ex-convict meticulous in his responsibilities. But as the secret organisation recruits more members, the wheels of this welloiled machine are threatening to fall off. Will Talullah's controlling streak or Nkosazana's unfettered material aspirations jeopardise the future of the Black Widow Society?

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"It is by far the best book I have ever read. It's one of those books you want to buy for friends as a Christmas gift...... actually I don't need an excuse to buy anyone this book in particular. Angela Wow"
Antonia Sawula

"Reading this book was like watching a skilled painter fill a blank canvass with a picture embedded with 1000 and 1 lessons."
Tshego Thlapi
Just Curious ZA
"The book resonated with me from the lingo (the use of "Shame", "Wena" and "Ja") interspersed in conversations, I felt like I was privy to an exclusive invitation into the characters' circle."
- Makuka Mayuka
Diasporan Darlings

"It's a definite must read."
- Lerato Makomene Evolutionary Magazine

"Reading the 30th Candle didn't feel like I was actually reading, it felt like I was chilling & chatting with four girlfriends."
- Trufmwebmaster Tru Fm

"Another book to add to the South African pile... good read & very enjoyable"
- Lianne Lipschitz

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"Makholwa's narrative is catchy and powerful. This novel, a first by the author, however, is a good read and tells a believable South Africa story. Red Ink definitely belongs on my book shelf."
- Edward Tshumele
The Sowetan

"Intriguing, surprising and ruthless, Angela Makholwa's Red Ink is one of the first novels about a serial killer written by a black female South African, and provides a fascinating glimpse into the Buppie lifestyle."
- Aubrey Paton
Sunday Times Lifestyle
"I loved the distinct urban dialogue of young black people that Makholwa seems to write with ease."
- Kate Fuller

"Red Ink has everything that makes a crime thriller smoke: strong sexy characters, jazzy settings that range from the Zone in Rosebank to C-Max to nightclubs to the streets of Melville."
- Mike Nicol

"Angela Makholwa's first novel is at once soothingly familiar and strangely disquieting. Just as people rubberneck to catch a gory glimpse of a car accident, so one can't seem to stop turning the pages of this serial killer thriller."
- Phil Murray
The Cape Times

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